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​​​​​Tanya is one of our commercial cleaners. She has been with us for 2 years. she  proven to be an exceptional worker meeting all of Kevin's standards.

Don is one of our commercial cleaners. He's been with us for 2 years. He's proven to be an exceptional worker meeting all of Kevin's ​standards.

Kayla is our other residential cleaner and receptionist. She has a unique and charming way of connecting with our customers. Kayla is also one of our managers a covers a lot of work while Kevin goes out of town for work.

Karen is another of our commercial cleaners and receptionists. She has great customer services kills and pays special attention the quality of her work. Karen's work says a lot and leads to customer satisfaction. Karen also assists with the training of new employees.



About our team

Monica is one of our  residential cleaners and part time receptionist.

She is , very understanding and friendly and great with the customers. 

Kevin is the Proud owner. Kevin does the commercial and residential cleaning and he does all of the initial assessment of the job. Kevin was working for another cleaning company and he was not happy with the quality of work that they were giving their customers. That is why Kevin started his own cleaning company, so he could give customers top quality service. Kevin will not tolerate anything less and if there is an issue with anything he will correct it immediately. Kevin is very loyal to his customers and will go out of his way to ensure customer satisfaction.


Kevin's Cleaning